Audio Recording

Deciding where to record your next project
is a big deal, and MaryAnna Studios can
help. MaryAnna Studios is a Pro Tools-equipped studio with high quality microphones, instruments, plugins and
other gear to help make a great project.

  • Production
    Taking your project from an idea to
    a finished, high quality album

  • Tracking
    Playing/singing/doing what you do
    in a low stress, comfortable environment

  • Mixing
    The process of blending all instruments and tracks within a song together to sound the way it should.

  • Mastering
    Adding that final “radio-ready”
    touch to give your mix one last bit
    of punch and fullness


Have a project already recorded and need that extra punch and clarity? The studio also offers full mastering services, at a rate that beats anything you’ll find elsewhere. Contact the studio for a quote today.

Additional Services

Have another type of project? Let the studio come to you! MaryAnna Studios records groups, choirs, and other on-site projects. Contact us today for any audio recording need!


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